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We bring victory closer by helping Ukrainian doctors save lives

The ZDOROVI National Humanitarian Aid Agency provides targeted aid to medical institutions throughout Ukraine in the form of medicines, medical instruments and equipment: from collecting the necessary help to delivering them.

Who are we?

Who do we help?

How do we help?

ZDOROVI is one of the leaders in providing humanitarian medical aid in Ukraine, which has been standing side by side with medics since the first days of the war. From local supplies, we have grown into a fund that provides assistance to hospitals from the largest foreign donors to provide and restore medical facilities.

The National Agency ZDOROVI provides specialized assistance to medical institutions, military hospitals, maternity hospitals and doctors on the battlefield. The first priority belongs to hot spots where hostilities are taking place, but help can be provided to any locality in Ukraine.

From medicines to mobile hospitals. Through a significant network of donors and organizations that trust us, we provide a wide range of aid: medicines, surgical materials and instruments, medical equipment and other resources to meet the needs of patients.



tons of medical aid


institutions that received help


regions of Ukraine


partners and donors

Project partners

Why we are chosen by partners

Own professional team of 19 coordinators, pharmacists, logisticians, managers of accounting and sorting of address items

Two specialized warehouses for accounting, storage and sorting of medicines and medical equipment

Full coverage of logistics costs for transportation across the EU and Ukraine

Partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Development, as well as with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and 10 military administrations

Signed memoranda with major donors from the United States, Britain, Switzerland and Germany

Trust and personal cooperation with the heads of Ukrainian hospitals

Our mission and values

To help hospitals and medics in Ukraine to save lives, as well as to improve access to modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, especially in the territories affected by the war.


Honesty as a basis for building relationships. Culture of communication


We are responsible for our decisions, actions and their results.


Openness of processes is indispensable for achieving common goals


Open communication, joint planning and constant feedback.


Best modern work practices and innovations on a regular basis


We support inclusiveness in the team and diversity in the selection of recipients

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