We bring victory closer by helping Ukrainian doctors save lives

The ZDOROVI National Humanitarian Aid Agency provides targeted aid to medical institutions throughout Ukraine in the form of medicines, medical instruments and equipment: from collecting the necessary help to delivering them.

Who are we?

Who do we help?

How do we help?

Before the start of the war, ZDOROVI was a team that had been implementing projects for better health care in Ukraine for over 18 years. However, from the first day of our fight against Russian aggressors, we are using our network of trust with international organizations and medical institutions to build a supply chain of vital medical resources to save lives.

The National Agency ZDOROVI provides specialized assistance to medical institutions, military hospitals, maternity hospitals and doctors on the battlefield. The first priority belongs to hot spots where hostilities are taking place, but help can be provided to any locality in Ukraine.

From medicines to mobile hospitals. Through a significant network of donors and organizations that trust us, we provide a wide range of aid: medicines, surgical materials and instruments, medical equipment and other resources to meet the needs of patients.



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Feedback on our work

Thanks to you, we are able to treat and save the lives of Ukrainians even in a humanitarian crisis! We wish you good health and every success in further actions for the benefit of Ukraine.


How can I help doctors save lives?

Our doctors are brave, but heroism alone is not enough to save lives every day.


  1. Join the fundraiser. There is no small help. Any amount becomes a real support - vital medicine, a tool in the hand of a surgeon who sutures fatal wounds, equipment that monitors patients in critical condition 24/7.

  2. Spread information about ZDOROVI among friends who want to help in the struggle for life on the medical front.

  3. Become a partner and donate the necessary medicines or medical equipment from your organization or company. Some major manufacturers in medicine has already done this. For example, Philips. To see the list of necessary medical aid for Ukraine click the buttons below.

Why we are chosen by partners

Own professional team of 15 coordinators, pharmacists, logisticians, managers of accounting and sorting of address items

Two specialized warehouses for accounting, storage and sorting of medicines and medical equipment

Full coverage of logistics costs for transportation across the EU and Ukraine

Partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Development, as well as face-to-face contact with the military administrations of cities

Direct contracts with major donors from the United States, Britain, Switzerland and Germany

Trust and personal cooperation with the heads of Ukrainian hospitals


Help doctors fight for lives in Ukraine:

Bank Transfer

CO "CF "NAHA "ZDOROVI"01014, Ukraine, Kyiv, Zvirynetska Street, 63, office 1,IBAN UA973223130000026005000051363in JSC "Ukreximbank", KyivMFI 322313Purpose of payment: donation for medical supplies





Western Union


Tulinova Nataliia

4678 0800 9031 0397


Tulinova Nataliia

4130 6301 8002 0811

How do medicines and medical equipment save lives?

Timely use of the tourniquet for bleeding increases the likelihood of survival 6 times

Patients with open wounds in the war zone have an 80% higher chance of survival with timely antibiotics

92% of the wounded, who can be treated promptly in mobile military hospitals, survive


Our story

The National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI was established on the basis of a business aid agency for medical institutions, which completely abandoned all commercial activities with the start of the war. Previously, our goal was to improve health services through changes in business processes, social and educational projects, which we implemented in cooperation with UNICEF, USAID, GIZ, Deloitte and Ukrainian government agencies.

However, from February 24, 2022, our team was reorganized to create an effective system of medical care throughout Ukraine and later became a trusted partner of the Ministry of Health and foreign donors. And it all started with a publication from the agency's founder and head of the mission, Nataliia Tulinova, who has been working on medical projects for more than 16 years.


Join the struggle on the medical front, where together we protect the most valuable thing - the lives of our people.


Bringing victory closer by empowering medics

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