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Goal and tasks
Provide high-quality targeted support for hospitals.
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How Grant Hub works
One of the main principles in the way we provide care is an analytical approach.We strive to ensure that resources are used as efficiently as possible in this long war.
We invite doctors to attend training on how to fill out applications
We hold a project competition
We select verified projects with the largest impact
We introduce the projects to the network of interested donors
We help implement and ensure transparency
Current projects
Saving lives after shelling and explosions
The project will speed up the rehabilitation process and reduce the length of hospital stay for more than 1,000 injured people thanks to the purchase of VAC devices.
Grant Hub
Safe surgery for everyone
Every year, with the help of the purchased equipment, the lives of 100-150 patients in need of urgent operations will be saved.
Grant Hub
Better diagnostics to prevent cancer
A project that will allow timely diagnosis of cancer diseases in the region. The effect of the project implementation is at least 10 years.
Grant Hub
Restoring medical care after the occupation
Reinstatement of ultrasound services, the most basic testing for diseases and conditions in the de-occupied community.
Grant Hub
Emergency and mobile medical assistance
Organizing the provision of medical care to the rural population, where outpatient clinics were destroyed, by restoring the possibility of out-of-state care.
Grant Hub
Restart a heart - save a life
Prompt assistance in case of sudden cardiac arrest even before the ambulance arrives, which is sometimes crucial for saving lives.
Grant Hub
The roof under which they will continue to protect health
Roof repair at a general family medicine clinic in an de-occupied community.
Grant Hub
Benefits for
High level of team expertise
The ZDOROVI competition committee is a team of experts that specializes in verification and analysis of the needs, problems and development of the health care system.
Selection of relevant and high-quality projects
All applications received undergo a thorough eligibility review. Those who receive the highest score move on to the further development stage.
Transparency with the donor
ZDOROVI have a high level of trust from many international organizations and are responsible to donors for the results of the grants provided.
Benefits for recipients
Mentoring culture
All participants undergo training, where they receive the most necessary knowledge on how to design a grant project so that potential donors notice it.
Personal support
After passing the competitive selection, the winners receive personal support and instruction in preparing projects for presentation to potential donors.
Sustainable approach
All competitive selection projects that were prepared according to the rules, but did not reach the finals, fall into the “grant platform”, which is always available to potential donors.
Projects archive
Невідкладна та виїздна медична допомога
Організація надання медичної допомоги сільському населенню, де були зруйновані амбулаторії, завдяки відновленню можливості допомоги на виїзді.
Перезапусти серце — врятуй життя
Оперативна допомога при раптовій зупинці серця ще до моменту приїзду швидкої допомоги, яка інколи має вирішальне значення для порятунку життя.
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