Medical aid
ZDOROVI expands the network of hospitals receiving humanitarian aid
In November, the team of the National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI made contact with 97 new medical institutions from different regions to determine the list of necessary assistance.
Every day, agency specialists receive new requests from hospitals and collaborate with international partners to provide humanitarian medical supplies.
According to the founder of ZDOROVI Nataliia Tulinova:
“The goal of our team is to help as many hospitals as possible, so that as many patients as possible have the opportunity to receive quality medical services. Our contact base exceeds 2,500 medical institutions and is constantly growing. We focus on the needs of hospitals in regions that receive the wounded and have a large workload, while not neglecting medical institutions in small towns, because they also need support. Our team has built a system of interaction with international partners in such a way as to be able to help in various areas - from setting up mobile laboratories to providing warmth to babies in maternity hospitals. That is, the list of assistance is quite wide and we pay a lot of attention to providing specific requests from each medical institution.”
In November, the team of the National Agency ZDOROVI sent medical supplies to 23 regions of Ukraine, 73 hospitals in 64 cities received assistance. National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI is recognized as a critical enterprise for the functioning of Ukrainian healthcare system. ZDOROVI’s large-scale humanitarian work is carried out in collaboration with international partners, including Isar Ednannia, Razom for Ukraine, NOVA Ukraine, Americares, Philips, the Netherlands Refugee Council, GIZ, Projecten Vastenactie and other charitable foundations and organizations.
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