Luhansk region
ZDOROVI help hospital patients in front-line areas
The team of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI transferred the medical cargo to the Luhansk region.
Hospitals of the Stanychno-Luhansk territorial society
received medicines and medical supplies for medical institutions receiving internally displaced persons from the occupied territories. Delivery of humanitarian aid to the Lugansk region is one of the most difficult tasks for the ZDOROVI logistics center, but the agency team regularly provides requests from hospitals in the region with the necessary assistance.
According to the founder of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI Nataliia Tulinova:
“Residents of the Ukrainian Donbass have been enduring the brutal challenges of Russian military aggression for the tenth year now. People forced to save their lives by escaping from the occupied territories have, in fact, been unable to return to their own homes for ten years. The region's medical system is constantly under the crushing influence of war, so our team makes considerable efforts to help doctors meet the needs of patients. We cooperate with the military administration to ensure the safe delivery of medical supplies and promptly respond to requests from hospitals in the Luhansk region.“
Let us recall that since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, the team of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI has fulfilled 1,835 requests for assistance from 945 medical institutions from different regions of Ukraine, including front-line and de-occupied territories and combat zones. The total volume of medical cargo transferred so far has amounted to 1,007 tons.
ZDOROVI’s large-scale humanitarian work occurs through cooperation with international partners, including MedShare, Embrace, RAZOM for UKRAINE, NOVA Ukraine, Americares, USAID, PHILIPS and other charitable foundations and organizations.
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