Medical aid
ZDOROVI helps hospitals overcome the consequences of mass attacks
A team of the National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI, together with the Dutch Refugee Council, has developed and is delivering emergency response kits to hospitals in the event of mass attacks on the population.
The medical kit contains
anti-burn medicines and painkillers for emergency care. Recently, such kits were received by a hospital that treated victims of a mass attack in the village of Hroza, Kharkiv region.
As ZDOROVI coordination manager Iryna Pashkevych said:
“We monitor events in different regions and in the event of emergencies, we immediately contact the hospital management, determine the need for an emergency response team and send assistance as quickly as possible. Receiving feedback from hospitals, it becomes clear that it is operational interaction that allows us to most effectively overcome the consequences of tragedies that, unfortunately, have become part of our lives.”
The peculiarity of this project is a very quick response and emergency delivery of medicines to hospitals in regions where an emergency occurs. Typically, delivery of medical cargo to hospitals receiving victims takes less than a day. Such work is possible thanks to the extensive network of contacts of our team, which we are constantly working on.
During September, the ZDOROVI team transferred 100 medical cargoes to Ukrainian hospitals. Representatives of the National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI take part in events aimed at supporting and restoring the medical system of Ukraine, identifying current tasks and challenges for leaders in the humanitarian sphere. ZDOROVI are recognized as a critically important enterprise for the functioning of Ukrainian medicine.
ZDOROVI’s large-scale humanitarian work is carried out in collaboration with international partners, including Isar Ednannia, Razom for Ukraine, NOVA Ukraine, Americares, Philips, the Netherlands Refugee Council, GIZ, Projecten Vastenactie and other charitable foundations and organizations.
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