ZDOROVI took part in the Public Society Forum
The forum, which united volunteers in different areas of activity, was organized by the Initiative Center for Promoting the Activity and Development of the Public Initiative “Isar Ednannia”. The event was supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Social Policy, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
The theme of the forum is
the search for effective tools to maintain personal and collective sustainability, which is the foundation of Ukrainian society, building its path to victory in the Russian-Ukrainian war.
As Nataliia Tulinova, the founder of the National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI, noted:
“We are grateful to our partners from ISAR Unity for organizing this large-scale event for the volunteer community of Ukraine. Thank you for the opportunity to take part as a speaker and share with colleagues our experience in matters of medical humanitarian assistance, which is one of the main levers of support for Ukrainian healthcare today.Every day our team processes requests from hospitals in need of help, because the enemy has been deliberately destroying our medical system for almost two years, and in the East this destruction has been going on for the tenth year.The geography of our work covers the entire country, so we have a large number of useful cases about the functioning of the industry during the war. Ukraine still needs powerful global assistance, because it is impossible to cope with a crisis of this magnitude on its own. Millions of Ukrainian citizens suffer from military aggression, and the volunteer community is one of the main factors capable of overcoming the consequences of this brutal war. It is very important for us to be able to unite and find common solutions that influence the development of civil society fighting for its right to live in a free democratic country.”
In November, the team of the National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI sent medical supplies to hospitals in 23 regions of Ukraine. 73 medical institutions in 64 cities received assistance.
National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI is recognized as a critical enterprise for the functioning of Ukrainian medicine. ZDOROVI’s large-scale humanitarian work is carried out in collaboration with international partners, including Isar Ednannia, Razom for Ukraine, NOVA Ukraine, Americares, Philips, the Netherlands Refugee Council, GIZ, Projecten Vastenactie and other charitable foundations and organizations.
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