ZDOROVI launched a new wave of research into the state of healthcare in Ukraine
The team of the National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI
launched the project with the goal of systematically measuring the dynamics of changes in the state of the healthcare system, the state of provision of medical institutions and their ability to provide full medical care to Ukrainian patients.
As the founder of the National Agency for Humanitarian Aid ZDOROVI Nataliia Tulinova said:
“Every quarter of the year, a team of our specialists conducts a study of the state of the medical industry during the war. We work with a large database of hospitals whose surveys give hospital heads and healthcare professionals the opportunity to share real-life challenges in their healthcare facilities and the industry as a whole. Based on these responses, we make an analysis and generate a report, which is the basis for creating an effective strategy for humanitarian assistance from donors for the next period.”
The project partners were a number of international charitable organizations, including the Americares Foundation, RAZOM for UKRAINE, Isar Yednannia.
Already in the first week, 185 representatives of medical institutions from different regions of Ukraine joined the survey. Respondents answer questions about the provision of hospitals with medical supplies and materials, the state of the material and technical base, the need for repairs of premises, medical furniture, equipment, personnel issues, training and advanced training of medical workers. In the fourth wave of Barometer this year, several new important topics were added to the survey.
After the survey is completed, analysts from the ZDOROVI will prepare and publish a report on the results of the project.
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