ZDOROVI help in adaptation of war veterans
The team of the public organization ZDOROVI is launching educational communication training “Doctor-Veteran” for hospitals to improve communication between medical workers and veterans who seek help.
The goal of the training is to build an effective system of interaction that will take into account the medical and mental needs of military personnel who have returned from the combat zone.

During the training, medical workers will build communication mechanisms with veterans within the institution, starting with the administration of queue management, conducting consultations with mutual respect between the parties, organizing examinations and subsequent support of patients with empathy and maximum support.

ZDOROVI experts will train medical workers in effective communication, person-centered service and building convenient routes for veterans returning to their communities. The project will continue through 2024 and involve at least 5,000 health workers in training. The training format is online, 65 training sessions will cover all 24 regions.
According to the founder of ZDOROVI Nataliia Tulinova:
“Veterans are that part of society that requires special attention from fellow citizens. Including when receiving medical care. Therefore, we help medical workers create effective tools within institutions to work with those returning from war and most often with injuries or other health problems. It should be borne in mind that Ukrainian hospitals are now operating in conditions of constant threat and humanitarian crisis. Due to psychological and physical stress, both hospital workers and patients can find themselves in conflict situations, so our common goal is to minimize stress through communication and informing people about the rules of working with particularly sensitive categories of patients. We help doctors and medical personnel adapt to the challenges of war.”
As Olena Kukharets, executive director of the public organization ZDOROVI, noted: “All of our trainings have an expert basis, and specialists working with hospitals offer working tools for the prevention and resolution of conflicts, talk about the features of working with people who return from the front, help build internal communication mechanisms for a medical institution. We are making every effort to support communication between doctors and patients during a wartime crisis.”

This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration between ZDOROVI and the Dutch foundation Vastenactie.
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